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The opportunity

We live in a time of unprecedented technological change, nowhere more so than in the creative industries. So how do we get ready, gear up for, and make the most of what's coming? With a programme that trains the next generation of marketers.

A programme that understands we won't have a future if we don't invest in the future. That's now even better placed to help any employer, who pays the Apprenticeship Levy.

New: Junior Creative Apprenticeship

Launched on 30th June 2020, the brand new Junior Creative apprenticeship scheme seeks to diversify creative departments in advertising and marcomms companies. The Level 3 Junior Creative Apprenticeship Standard has been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education and will be facilitated by Ravensbourne University London, with tutors from industry backgrounds.

What is the levy and how does it work?

The levy is a new Government initiative started in April 2017. Its aim is to help UK employers tackle the skills shortfall and match their OECD peers while being spared the financial costs of training.

Each month HMRC takes 0.5% off any payroll exceeding £3m and puts the money into an Apprenticeship Service digital account in the form of electronic vouchers. As an employer, you can then use these on any approved apprenticeship training programmes, as long as it\'s within two years of the vouchers being issued.

The range of available programmes, their quality and the numbers of eligible staff are all growing. The levy is ready to go to work for you.

How big is this opportunity?

Take a look at the big wins for your workforce as a whole.

Apprenticeships funded by the levy are a big opportunity for agencies.

Take a look at the people whose potential talent you can unlock.

  1. School leavers right at the start of their career
  2. Graduates
  3. Business-as-usual hires in the first 2-4 years of their career
  4. Existing employees who need to re-skill or upskill

Take a look at the big wins for your workforce as a whole.

  1. Diversity: hire school leavers who aren't from central casting
  2. Recruitment & Retention: a job with training is a more attractive job. Investing in your staff is the best way to keep them.
  3. Future Proofing: upskilling your workforce can only be good for your agency's future.