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  • Junior Advertising Creative Apprenticeship – is it for you? What will you learn?

    Are you already being creative in the way you think and approach problems? Are you the one who writes the most passionate but also most witty banners on demos, or comes up with ingenious solutions to social problems, or can find an idea that persuades people to do something they don’t want to do? Do … Continued

  • Advertising and Media Executive Apprenticeship – what you’ll learn

    You are the endlessly busy jack of all trades keeping the whole show on the road, working with everyone from the client to the suppliers and the whole agency team. You are responsible for day-to-day progress of the whole advertising process, from receiving the brief from the client’s marketing team, including objectives, budget and timescales, … Continued

  • IPA celebrates Creative Pioneers class of 2019

    The IPA has this week celebrated the graduation of its 2019 class of Creative Pioneers apprentices. The successful individuals have spent their apprenticeships in a range of roles across the agency community and were congratulated at a graduation ceremony held at the IPA on Monday evening (2 March 2020). Founded by the IPA, Creative Pioneers … Continued

  • How to Spend Your Apprenticeship Levy Funds in 2020

    According to the CBI’s 2018 Education and Skills Survey, more than a quarter (26%) of employers don’t intend to use their Apprenticeship Levy funds and have instead absorbed it as ‘as an added cost of doing business’. Multiple figures have been flying around as to what this could amount to, including there being £3 billion … Continued

  • How we’re accelerating apprenticeships

    Janet Hull, IPA Director of Marketing Strategy and Executive Director of Creative Pioneers, launched Creative Pioneers at the BBC’s Apprenticeship conference on Monday (6 March), on the first day of National Apprenticeship Week.

  • Creative industry commits to 500 new apprenticeships this year

    As the go-to apprenticeship programme for the creative industries, we have pledged to create 500 new apprenticeships throughout the next year. To coincide with National Apprenticeship Week, 80 brand new jobs have already been made available, with a plan to offer a further 50 every single month.

  • How apprenticeships are revolutionising advertising

    Apprenticeships are a growing force in the education sector, with more and more people choosing it as the way for them to enter an industry or to up-skill themselves. When the Apprenticeship Levy came into place in April 2017, advertising agencies were hit hard - especially IPA members who make up 85% of the total ad spend in the UK and turnover millions of pounds each year.